Building Weekends

Campus Beautification

A special event at IICD is Building Weekends, which are held every month. The entire school gets together and takes on a project to improve the buildings and campus grounds.

This is an opportunity to get big things done that the daily program does not allow for. This becomes an opportunity to learn and lead and organize many people around a project task, a time to get together in action. It is a way to keep costs down, secure the necessary maintenance of the place, and learn more about production, productivity and quality and a great satisfaction to enjoy the improvements afterwards.


An example - Bella Vista glooms in new splendor

This weekend, the 14. and 15. August, it was time to paint one of our volunteer houses, the Bella Vista. Our painters really had a splendid view for painting. On those two days you could see a group of seven different nations in old clothes working in the blazing sun. Their concentrated faces suggested that they were really intent upon their work. Some courageous who were not terrified of heights were standing on a ladder for painting the upper part of the building.

The promotion team's job was to support the painters by cooking every meal for those two days.

On Saturday evening, just in time, the last brushstrokes were taken and Bella Vista could enjoy its new fresh appearance. The persevering painters were recompensed by a barbecue. Some volunteers never painted a building before, others were already adept in painting. They all did a very good job!


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