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What is the cause of the obesity epidemic in our country, and why is the food we buy in supermarkets unhealthy and deficient in nutrients? What does it mean when giant corporations control food production with profit as their only goal?

At IICD you will be educated and involved in food production on many levels. You will learn how to plan and start garden farms as an important action to healty living and fighting poverty. You will study the issues of food consumption from local and global standpoints, and get the facts about the consequences of a malnutrition economy. 

We most urgently need to prepare ourselves for the consequences of Global Warming. Much of the crops in the Midwest have already burned up this year, and the long-term global warming phenomenon is just getting started. Anyone who eats, or hopes to in the future, should sit up and pay attention. It is long overdue that we behave more cautiously. The Natives of this country know the earth is suffering - maybe we should learn from them.

While working in the school’s garden farm you will discover how to solve obstacles such as getting water for irrigation, making compost from local waste materials, and fighting pests without using harmful poison or expensive fertilizers.

You will study and test economical ways of increasing crop yield, so farmers can prevent soil erosion and utilize scarce water supplies on their land. You will gather solutions for financing, transporting and distributing finished products. You will soon be equipped to take these tools and put them to work for the benefit of the poor. So look forward to getting your hands dirty and your brain busy on multiple fronts when it comes to food production.


by Valor 'da Gardnah' Breez
       Ahhhhhhhhhh the garden,
IICD's veggie farm ;
a sourse of love and life and tasty
 soul satisfying nutrition !
    19 deep dish lasangna raised beds
filled to the brim with mouth watering
dirt, horse manure and composte;
topped off with an extra scoop of
 straw and black plastic !
    The twentyeth bed is a germinating miniature greenhouse; a virtual
Tropical Rain Forest on a New England slope nestled amoungst a famous and sprawling mountain range, supplying our delightfull little garden with fresh:
snakes , frogs and wolf spiders.
Come, bring a blanket, lie down,
wear shorts and no shoes !
        Just one glance
and the intense smorgasborg of colors
makes you DROOOOOOL !
Roaring red tomatoes, bright yellow squash,
deep green peppers, vibrant purple eggplants and leaves ...
 lots n lots of


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