Healthy Living Standard 

No drugs, No alocohol  

IICD Massachusetts and all other DRH schools have created the no alcohol no drugs policy. This means that everyone, from staff to volunteers, must refrain from the use of drugs or alcohol while enrolled in IICD. This includes fundraising and other activities outside the school. An exception for this rule is when you have an open weekend which means leaving the school and staying somewhere else. You are expected to respect this policy in order to maintain the common wellbeing for everyone and for you to stay on in the program.

The policy is not simply a way to undermine people’s wills or attitudes but they aim to provide good habits and offer an environment where people can function in their full intellectual and physical capabilities. We are all codependent and your abilities are tested and needed all of the time. It will be impossible to maintain an adequate study and work environment when staff or students are intoxicated. So if you have any doubts as to the necessity of this rule, we suggest that you ask for clarification and re-evaluate your priorities. Disregard for this rule is not fair to your colleagues, or the people you are going to work with abroad. We have a sincere desire to keep IICD free from any drugs and alcohol for the benefit of the entire community. 

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