Residential Life

Importantly, the school is a boarding school. This promotes a rich panoply of many aspects of learning and an environment that encourages working together, theoretically and practically. Immersed in a residential study experience you learn and grow continually taking a wealth of knowledge and experience with you during your next challenges in life.

Apart from the day to day training and learning activities within the school’s program we offer many other colorful and diverse activities that take place while you are studying at the school.

Every student is in for a learning experience with a high yield of growth in reading-comprehension, self-management, and economic management. Students are prepared for what the next generation will bring by discussing and debating the issues controlling our society today; going on travels and investigations, alternating between working in your own company and with your team, and working in our hands-on environment where we allow the students to run the daily affairs.  The  shared boarding life and facilities include: tending the garden farm, renovating and cooking in the kitchen, constructing the menus for the next month, enjoying nature, planning the future of the school, playing sports and many more intensely interesting topics and matters that make the residential boarding life a major plus.

You will no doubt benefit from these and many more aspects of the school’s environment and activities. The panoply of accessories to the school’s solid training and life will add to and further enhance your interest, results and the human quality built up through the program and the shared life.

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