Jytte Martinussen

Executive Director, Danish

I have been trained as a teacher and worked in the public school system in Denmark. I have trained refugees from Apartheid Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe). I have worked as a Project Leader in Africa. I have been the headmaster of Frontline Institute for 10 years training African and European students to carry out development work in Africa. I have been the director of a Teacher Training College in Denmark for 5 years. I have traveled to India by bus from Denmark 3 times. I have traveled and worked in China, Europe, Africa, America and the Caribbean.

Wulstan Kalobwe

Manager of the Clothes Collection, Zambian

I worked with Humana People to people in Zambia in Clothes Sales project. I then worked as a teacher at Frontline Institute in Zimbabwe for 3 years, but my mind was always aimed towards working with Clothes and sales business abroad. I worked in Finland, and Planet Aid USA, before I became the Manager for the IICD Clothes Collection in Albany.

Denise Dion

Accountant, American

I have worked at IICD for 11 years as an accountant. I also run a snowshoe business from home. I enjoy working at IICD because of the many different people that I meet and work with on a daily basis. It has opened my eyes to seeing new countries and cultures through personal travels.

Elisabeth Axelsen

International Specialist Educator, Danish

I have trained Development Instructors in several DRH schools. I have run development projects with Humana People to People Central America as well as China. I like being in the international IICD environment and enjoy the magnificent nature of the Berkshires. As human beings – we have an obligation to put our footsteps on this planet – for the very survival of the planet, and ourselves! I welcome you to take part in the work of improving life for the poorest people on earth – a huge task which can only be taken collectively.

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then the villagers could be free from the grasp of the loan sharks. That is what I did. I never imagined that this would become my calling in life.
that my six months in Lamego, Sofala state in Mozambique, would be such a great time in my life before getting there
but at the end you will get a bigger reward that only this experience can give you……. in my case it was…… humility.
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