10 Core Values in our programs


1. The higher the degree of reality in the training, the more is learned.

The programs at IICD take their point of departure in some of the big issues of our time and have as such immediate relevance to the participants and any human being living in this time of history.

A core value is to underline the importance of ‘to be able’ to understand, interact, and change the world we live in. If we don’t understand the world we live in, we cannot change it. We need to have the ability to open our eyes and to wake up ourselves as well as the people around us and act with others in the present reality.


2. Fighting shoulder to shoulder with the Poor

Through the programs at IICD, the participants take active part in Fighting Shoulder to Shoulder with some of the poorest people on the planet by educating, by building and by inspiring. This is taken on as a collective effort, which is the only way of resolving huge global issues.


3. Training for life

IICD offers a practical environment in which to study and gain knowledge through actual experiences, appropriately to the extent that when participants leave IICD they will be well fashioned to take a solid stand in life.

The training is stuffed with intellectual demands, food for thought, heart and soul plus, influences the kind of human beings that will come out of our halls of teaching and learning.


4. We build together

At IICD, we engage in community-focused exercises that are most accurately defined as developing “Practical Intellectualism”. First, we build our comradeship together. Second, we build our community together. Finally, we build the world together.


 5. Radically modern teaching methods

Part of our uniqueness includes teaching and learning within our own pedagogical framework of digital-based information for teaching called DmM. Using our uniquely designed digital system places the students in the driver’s seat.


6. Multi-cultural learning environment

The ability to work in a multi-culturally diverse environment is a quality hugely sought after in this 21st Century era. Students at IICD cultivate the ability to work effectively with people from across the globe placing them far beyond those that function strictly within their cultural bearings. 


7. Program and curriculum

The program is divided into learning modules. The information progresses into new concepts within each module, but each module incorporates elements of the previous module. By the end of the program students have developed a much needed sense of adaptability and are equipped for our ever-changing world.


8. Leadership, comradeship and collective community focus

The goal of community based learning is to teach students the benefits and practicality of leadership and comradeship. Through the unification of individuals globally, leadership abilities are strengthened through each person contributing to the IICD community in ways that benefit everyone within and outside our effort focus.


9. Get outside your comfort zone

At IICD, the participants will be encouraged to confront risks by challenging their own barriers of limitation. Moving those barriers of limitation becomes a process of liberation for students, and holds huge potential for what the students can achieve later on in life.


10. The power of acting as one person for the world

At IICD, we emphasize the abilities that each person possesses to change the world as we know it. Exploring humanitarian efforts comes with a duty and a gift, the noble art of acting on behalf of what is beneficial for our fellow human beings. As a conscious human being we must make a choice, a decision to make a pathway toward consciousness and responsibility for others and our planet. Only then can we uplift ourselves and the people around us. 

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